Everything Man

Random projects from an alchemist's workshop.

Friday, 1st April, 2016

After getting my workbenches built and installed, I wanted to make some improvements to clean up the shop space a little. I got some storage bins that (mostly by luck) exactly fit in the bench shelf. These give me some pseudo-drawers that can be used as project storage space, and pull all the way out so they can be carried around. I also added some bins in the corner for trash, sharps, and wood scrap.

To improve the functionality of the bench a little, I added a mechanic's vise to one corner. For better organization I put up a pegboard for hand tools, got myself some little drawers for hardware, and moved in an old bookcase for the tools that are too bulky to live on pegboard.

Overall, I have to say it’s looking pretty shop-like!

Storage drawers
Trash and scrap bins
Bench vise
Hardware drawers